Friday, April 25, 2008

or maybe something like this:

In other news, everyone should mark their calendars for nyu's spring animation screening, where you can finally see shark suit. Here's the info on posters by joy marie smith and jd amato.


Tim Rauch said...

don't you mean "finally see Chicken Cowboy"?

Tim Rauch said...

...which, by the way, I have been hotly anticipating for about a year now. See you there.

stephen said...

oh yeah. chicken cowboy. oops.

You'll also get to see my giant ear. But think youve seen that before too.

The Makings of Nat Cat said...

good luck finding "that" shade of blue :P and thanks for visiting my blog. I think you're my most frequent visitor, YAY! :)

can't wait to see chicken cowboy!! the flyer looks amazing & fun to say the least!