Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hi everyone. Here are some concepts for the short short I've been working on in my free time. With fewer scenes unfinished than complete, it's time to start thinking about the next phase. How are these all going to fit together? And how to color them (with as little work as possible)?

These are just ideas. Anything and everything could and will change. nothing is permanent.

from what I've been showing so far, you can tell I'm really pushing the story and the production value. Well, not exactly. This is another experiment to keep me going before my next big short gets underway. A sort of spiritual sequel to come have an omelette with me.

speaking of CHAOWM, if you're in new york you'll be able to catch the world premiere at the new york food film festival, June 13-19th. food and film excite me.

In other news, you can catch Chicken Cowboy this weekend at NFFTY in Seattle, or next week at Rincon International. I think some more screenings are still coming, just in case you're not sick of chicken westerns.

have I been dropping too many hyperlinks lately? sorry if it's a little tacky.


Connie Chan said...

shots from all your cycles would make fun business cards. batman and robin making out would certainly stay fresh in my mind.

Tim Rauch said...

i love, have loved, and always will love your batman. i am jealous that he has already found a warm body to share his days with in robin, but can accept it and will be thoroughly turned on to see them make out, should it be a part of the new film.

sorry for making you read that. go wash your eyes out with purell now.