Tuesday, April 27, 2010

hi everyone. things have been very busy.

big thanks to connie for the bird masks.

first off, you can now see chicken cowboy on channel frederator. since CC is finally slowing down in the festival department, I thought it would be cool to share with the immense and supportive frederator community. plus, they've got it up in hd!

here are some paintings i've been doing with blender dog:

Blender dog was inspired by my childhood dog, mickey. He wasn't really a good dog, more of an unrelenting tornado of destruction and neurosis. But man, he made us laugh. And that always made up for all those sticks of butter he stole and ate.


Chris Cookson said...

looks excellent in HD, any chance of an upload to Vimeo at this point?

stephen said...

Maybe in awhile. I try to limit how many places I upload a cartoon in the initial internet broadcast. It's a little easier to direct people to the right place to see your film that way, I've found.

but vimeo is way better for hd. so I will keep you posted!

Favela said...

i never get tired of watching cowboy chicken. nice intro.