Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've turned into one of those really busy people who doesn't update.

I got mentioned alongside some ridiculously talented people in Variety a couple weeks ago. So I ended up going the Annecy at the last minute to speak on a panel. Annecy is obscenely gorgeous:

Working on dr breakfast. Starting to build the models in after effects.

Originally I wanted to animate on pencil and made let's make out as a production test--but the realities of making a 6 minute short in my spare time--things are probably going to look more like this crude test, with some hand drawn scenes thrown in sparingly.

similar to chicken cowboy--very pared down rigs, because I usually end up breaking them anyway. Hopefully this allows more time for story and direction.

oh yeah! check out the L Magazine screening of animation block party on Friday, june 25, at 8pm! You can see Chicken Cowboy and other awesome shorts!


Rebar said...

I saw your chicken cowboy film at the screening in williamsburg last night! IT WAS EPIC!!! I absolutely loved it and am a new fan. :)

stephen said...

thank you! I was sad I couldn't make the screening--lots of awesome films.

hairy said...

don't listen to rebar, she is a trouble maker, and i fully endorse her illustration and tree making skills.