Friday, August 27, 2010

ive been quietly toiling away on dr breakfast. most days on the train my laptop screen looks something like this:

but here's a random selection of sketchbook pages too.

rz's fauvist nightmare

sometimes little kids watch me draw on the subway. They always look like the don't really care what I'm drawing--but seeing me draw makes them remember that they want to draw something. This 5 year old took my sketchbook and drew this picture. he wouldn't tell us what it was until he was finished. Then his mother and I got three guesses.

it's a landscape from avatar, of course.

One more thing, if you live in france or germany, you can catch screenings of Chicken Cowboy on the ARTE tv network. check your local listings I guess. It's pretty cool that they broadcast short films on tv in Europe, and I wish there was a similar market here in the US.


METAFUS said...

awesome drawings, i wish i could draw on subways, but long train rides are better for that

Paul Sultan said...

thats one scary ae scene for a laptop

hairy said...

damn, avatar landscape was my fourth guess.

stephen said...

yeah. that little kid had some real sass. he also didn't want to give my sketchbook back when I was exiting the train.