Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hello neglected blogspot. i've been busy! doing lots of traveling with blue sky, speaking about story stuff. I headed to BYU, and last week, San Jose State:

(dang look at all those people)

for most of my talks I show lots of different iterations of the same scene as I'm given notes week by week. it's fun pitching old boards. you look at stuff you had forgotten you ever drew. and sometimes you see stuff you wish you had forgotten--bad drawings, dumb ideas, and things that just completely missed the mark. it's a learning process for myself just as much as students (hopefully).

enough chat. here are some sketchbook pages

And a huge thanks this past week to the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico--Dr Breakfast won Best Animation! Cool!


Mandy said...

Dolphin Party is awesome. It reminds me of that Super Mario world. Thanks for sharing.


Jeff Black said...

This is awesome for sure if will post it on tumble you can easily get tumblr followers.