Saturday, November 1, 2008

Many people don't know that, in addition to drawing pictures, I invent things.  These things are very useful.

Here is my pumpkin portal invention.  It's great for halloween.

Applications for the pumpkin portal are more therapeutic and theoretical in nature, but I also invent less abstract things.

My parents back in indiana waited around 3 hours to vote last week.  I thought this invention could help out.  All we need are 20-30 batman-suited voting attendants utilizing this device:

It's a little strange, but so is democracy.


JayDee Amato said...

The pumpkin portal is great, and should constitute a casual marriage. Also, the batman plan seems flawed considering the possible of a partisan batman, pressuring voters with whispers and pelvic thrusts.

Chris said...

These inventions have value.
The Batman-Port-O-Booth can save both time and frustration.
The Pumpkin Portal can save marriages.

Laura Jane said...

stephen neary, i love the pumpkin portal.

Liz T said...

hahahahha. I want to vote with Batman.