Friday, January 11, 2008

I think last week I accidently upgraded to quicktime 7.3.1. I'm running mac os 10.4.11, and I didn't know there would be a problem running after effects cs3. Now, all of the sudden, if I try to render something out with audio, I get this:

then the program crashes and quits.

I guess I need to downgrade quicktime. Anybody know which version isn't so lame? Or how to? I think I could downgrade to quicktime 6, but then itunes and lots of other apple programs start to bug out.

My next project is definitely going to be traditional.


R.R. said...

Quicktime is ASS!

That happened to me while on my prodcution. Updated quicktime, and then after effects 7 could no longer read swiffs, and anything from Flash, so I had to archive/reinstall my operating system. Thats cause i did the whole mac system upgrade.

Do you have apple care, or something with adobe? if so, call and yell.

Gota love when programs update with no regrad to how they interact with each other.

stephen said...

I thought it wouldn't be a big deal because I'm not running leopard (which I've heard plays meanly with adobe). But here we are. Hours spent neither happily nor productively.

Tim Rauch said...

and i suppose the horse picture expresses your feelings

Lou Hamou-Lhadj said...

You can absolutely downgrade- it happened on my film as well and I couldn't get anything working with animo. If you dig deep enough on apple's website you can find a page that has downloads (I believe) for reverting to previous versions. Atleast, that's what I did... I'll see if I can't help locate it for you.