Friday, February 29, 2008

Here are some index card doodles.

I think this guy's name is Dr Breakfast:

This is Steve Irwin. We have not forgotten you!

This is my old dog, Mickey:

and some others:

I would love to see, maybe in 10-20 years, a really good steve irwin biopic. Not a funny biopic or a melodramatic one or a ho-hum wannabe crocodile dundee movie, I'm talking about a huge, sprawling, 80s and 90s period film, letting his dynamic character just carry the whole film. Can't you just imagine steve arguing with his wife off-camera after he dangles their baby in front of a crocodile? Moments like those.

In fact, the movie should be exactly like There Will be Blood, except set in australia. Lots of animals. A blonde Daniel Day-lewis plays the crocodile hunter? And lots of khaki.


Tim Rauch said...

i love your "concept art" (that's a stupid phrase sometimes, i know) but yeah, LOVE these, and its clear how good you're getting at closing the gap between this stuff and what ends up on screen with Chicken Cowboy, that stuff looks like your watercolors in motion. pretty sweet. and, yeah, they're needs to be a steve irwin biopic, starring stephen neary, with the part of the dangled baby being played by dave pagano.

Tim Rauch said...

just to add, I ESPECIALLY like the "my dog mickey" thing. and yes, i know should have written "THERE needs to be" instead of "they're needs to be". mea culpa.