Wednesday, September 24, 2008

first figure drawings in awhile. it's feeling rusty these days.

Richard Williams came to blue sky yesterday. inspiring stuff. He would sum up entire sections of his life in sentences like, "so then I took 6 years off to concentrate on figure drawing." And, "It was great painting in spain, I could paint one university professor's portrait a year and live sleeping on the beach." I wish it could have been more of a demo/retrospective like he had at MoMA, but his advice on self-censorship and dealing with clients was great.

But I think that's another post.


Tim Rauch said...

sweet jesus im sorry i missed the moma show (sold out) that man sounds like a lot of fun to listen to.

Connie Li Chan said...

i don't resent you seeing dick williams at all while i stood outside the moma crying silently to myself at his sold out show.


R.R. said...

Dang mister, you're getting better.

And, I'm waiting on that second post bout self censorship and dealing with clients.

J.D. Amato said...

I would like to hear you sum up multi-year portions of your life in a single sentence, please.

stephen said...


I was born, and then I ate baby food for two years.

Worked at it from 2002-2004, but failed to develop as a professional unicyclist.

J.D. Amato said...