Thursday, August 6, 2009

I like postcards, so I think I'm going to print a few of these up.

I regret not posting for whale wednesday. a day late, a dollar short:

speaking of whales, my friend barbara made me this awesome birthday cake:

It's really quite something. And I don't know how she managed on the subway from brooklyn. New york is a magical place in the summer.

There's a block in the village under invasion of caterpillars. I see a few every time I pass. Some little kids were playing with them too, and we took this picture. They might be low-level pokémon.

Here's another Dr Breakfast painting I've been working on. I'll post the finished product later.

Oh yeah! Chicken Cowboy won the Audience Award at ABP and the Hoosier-Lens Award at IIFF. Thanks to everyone who saw the film at either festival!


David B. Levy said...

Mega congrats on Chicken Cowboy!
"i don't wanna fight you.." is quoted around my house all the time. Can't get your film out of my head! But, that's a good thing.

hairy said...

mmm cake. i don't want to eat you,...

Chris said...

those pokemon's power is immobilizing small children.
i want cake too.