Saturday, May 7, 2011

super busy. crunch time, springtime, and finishing up all the dr breakfast stuff... i'll try to get back to semi-regular posting.

here's a cover i did for i love bad movies, a pretty cool zine. You may recognize the characters from the Walter Murch classic, Return to Oz.

and here's a commission I painted a while back for a friend.

now that dr breakfast is winding down, it's time to post my collection of odd after effects error alerts. enjoy and be inspired!

Blue Sky's latest movie, Rio opened a couple weeks ago. Congrats to everyone!

Rio is a low-budget, indie mublecore dramedy about a bird coming to terms with his own mortality. just kidding. I did a lot of early development on the monkey characters--here's a drawing.

everyone go outside!


Chris said...

I keep getting a creepy Linux message. ERROR: Failed to execute child.

stephen said...

thank goodness. if it doesnt alert you, does that mean it succeeds? constantly?