Friday, October 14, 2011


Going to the austin film festival next week for the premiere of dr breakfast! I'm psyched to see some Lasseter and michael arndt panels out there too. cause I'm a nerd.

I found this photo from awhile back of all the dr b backgrounds:

send me your address and I will ship one your way.

I'm also going to be at CTN expo in LA this november. I'll be selling some art. I'm also selling vegetarian sandwiches. there's never good food at those things. Do you have a favorite sandwich?

I've been super busy with this new project at work. But it's pretty cool. It's a secret.



fabian said...

Whoa!! Dude, no way. I just saw your video via Michael Daley. Dr. Breakfast is awesome! I have a booth at CTN also and will definitely buy a shit load of Veggie sammies ALL freakin'weekend! Bam. Thanks in advance!

Chris said...

My favorite is goat cheese and olives with arugla and something else, maybe peppers or tomatoes?