Monday, November 14, 2011

dr breakfast online!!!

it's been done for months, but it's finally time to put the dumb thing online.

Had some great screenings at Austin Film Festival and AFI Fest--so I finally decided to just let the world see it rather than keep it offline for the festivals. Still more festivals to come, however.

I had a great time making Dr Breakfast. I have a pretty long commute, and it's great for animating films. Metro-North even has electrical outlets in cars, so you can plug in your lightbox. I even brought my scanner along a couple trips. Word of warning though--animating in public is one of the best ways to court ridicule.

Overall, making a film is a great break from working on films every day. stills & full credits below!

written, directed, animated by
stephen p neary

sound design, mix
robin arnott

nick koenig

additional foley

deer 1 chris siemasko
deer 2 vadim bazhanov
pj man stephen neary
dr breakfast sean stogner
capt ahab robin arnott

additional animation
connie li chan

voice recording
tim nordquist
justine warwick

produced by
stephen p neary

with giant thanks to mrs lugo's 3rd grade elementary class!


ali said...

this is so badass. it's one of the best animated short i've seen thus far

Anthony Holden said...

Amazing work, man! I got so hungry...luckily today is Thanksgiving.

It was good meeting you at CTN!

Régis said...

Hello Stephen, my name is Régis, and we met at CTN last weekend. I briefly stopped by your table along with my friend Leo Matsuda, and we exchanged cards. Well, I was finally able to watch your new short film, Dr Breakfast, and I laughed hysterically! Oh man, congratulations on such a good film. I love it! Let's keep in touch! (You check out some of my animation work on my site here


stephen said...

oh hey guys!! thanks a lot for stoppin by! had a great time meeting you folks at ctn!

Lucia said...
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Elisa Cundiff said...

I love it so much!

Christopher Jammal said...

Hey Stephen!
Saw Dr Breakfast at the ASFIA event the other night. Thought it was the best one there, just saying .... Awesome Job, it was a lot of fun!!!