Thursday, December 8, 2011

i wanted to do another post like this one, showing a bit of how i animate using a combination paper and after effects. it's not the most efficient system out there, but it's the most efficient system for me, working on a train at least.

all starts with the storyboards/animatic. I try to draw really loose, but with enough poses so I know what's going to happen.
next some sort of layout to draw over on paper. it's pretty much the same here, but ideally a layout should improve the staging a bit.
Pencil animation. Really going scooby doo on this one--limiting the parts I animate with multiple layers.
From here I'll use a multiply filter in after effects to color underneath the pencil drawing. They're just shape layers with the paths adjusted a tiny bit each frame. I've found this to be a little quicker than coloring frame by frame in photoshop, but it's not nearly as exact.

Oh! add the egg too.

add the watercolor BG
and the final product

oh yeah! dr breakfast is a vimeo staff pick! thank you so much!


Psilo said...

beautiful. thanks for this breakdown!

Favela said...

generous information from a genius man about a hilarious film. CONGRATULATIONS on sundance!

Tim Rauch said...

cool! I had wondered what the process is. Congrats again on Sundance, much deserved. Dr. Breakfast is faboo.