Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hi everyone. here's a belated update.  it's been a time for family, friends, getting stuff done and . . . hurricanes. hope everyone is safe and dry! but i did manage to finish this piece for 2art4tv.

here's a little bit of my process. inspiration started with this video.

"some experts think they were just having fun." from there, lots of doodles.

and roughing out/penning the big one

at the same time i'm roughing out some quick color concepts. nothing fancy.

then putting in color

finished thing is above, detail here--

bye. see you at the gallery opening, next friday!


Vadim said...

holly shit thats cool.

Anonymous said...


I actually bought your work at the gallery. I walked in and it floored me. Couldn't walk away.

Thank you. I look forward to having it at home.


stephen said...

Wow! Thanks so much, Splinter!

I really appreciate it. I don't get tons of time to sit and paint, but I really enjoyed making this one. Thank you again for your support.