Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another great thing about this past week's spring animation showcase was the chance to do an installation for my experimental animation course. Doing something different is always fun.

So here it is, a giant ear with earwax and egg.

This box was filled with speakers. The sound travelled through the pvc pipe into a hole in the ear canal. The monitor also looped an egg spinning.

My hope was that, in order to hear the audio, you'd have to lean very close to the ear. Once there, you'd get a nice smell of the earwax, which was actually fresh peanut butter.

Ideally, I would have had a small fan in the box or pipe to blow the smell out further. But you can't have everything. Reactions were mostly positive, except that people don't seem to like peanut butter in this context.


Tim Rauch said...

I like peanut butter in every context... next time, I'm bringing a spoon.

R.R. said...

don't know why, looks delicious.

messytimbo said...

hey dude

really like your stuff

chicken cowboy looks dope!
and i really like mickey, it had a really strong look to it, it's exactly my cup of tea.

cool stuff man


Connie Li Chan said...

i touched that peanut butter. it was delicious!