Monday, May 19, 2008

About 10 days ago someone uploaded a copy of shark suit onto yahoo. I'm not really sure why they had a copy or why they uploaded it, but somehow it got 42,000 views. So I decided to start uploading shark suit myself, since I guess people will watch it.

first off, good ol' youtube:

If you'd like to watch in HD, check out shark suit on vimeo:

Shark Suit: the Musical from pizzaforeveryone on Vimeo.

feel free to comment if you hate it, etc.


Tim Rauch said...

you've been pirated! congrats stephen :)

Chris Cookson said...

it really makes a world of difference to see this in HD as opposed to the sub-YouTube quality on MTV U's site. Now all we need is some pirate to get a hold of Chicken Cowboy so my life can be complete.