Monday, June 23, 2008

here's a clip from Chicken Cowboy now online, hosted by sound designer Robin Arnott's new website.

For me, Chicken Cowboy was all about the sound. From initial concepts through boarding, the idea of sound as a way to supercharge the rhythm, pacing, and action of the film was crucial. Robin did a great job balcncing the very realistic and very stylized sounds required.

Sound really is half of filmmaking. I think so anyhow.  Check out the clip and see for yourself! Present are two scenes--one's very sophisticated and subtle from a sound standpoint, the other one is a little, well, louder.

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R.R. said...

Is this a newer, improovder version of chicken cowboy?

If not, its really solid man. Like, way more then I remember it being. I continue to be more impressed by your work each time I see it.