Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi everyone. If you missed the symphony performance of "Bigfoot's Eulogy," here's what it looked like (minus the blur).

It sounded great! Congrats to composer Jaebon Hwang and to conductor Guerguan Tsenov. They had their work cut out for them and the show was amazing.

It other news . . . rough animation on Chicken Cowboy is done! The year is flying by so quickly it makes me want to cry:

Next up are some heavy animation revisions and post work. And lots of rendering.

It's sort of intereting to see what's changed from the initial concept drawings. These were done about a year and a half ago. Chicken Cowboy is a little slimmer and slightly streamlined. But I think I've stuck to my initial ideas and story concepts, who this guy is and how he changes.

I have some exciting news about Shark Suit. But I'll wait. Don't want to use up all my blogging ammo.


Andwew said...

That's a huge orchestra. Congrats on finishing the rough animation!

JayyDeee said...

it seems like just yesterday that I crossed paths with you in the summer while you were doing concept stuff for Chicken Cowboy in WSP. Also, the orchestra was amazing.