Thursday, March 27, 2008

a hippo doodle

These are some quick backgrounds for a new mini-short I'm working on about my dead dog. It's the first of three under one-minute shorts I'm hoping to have done by May.

It's always fun making a 5-6 minute short, but I definitely want to explore this micro format more, concentrating on the idea and design rather than the huge, often bloated production process. Not that chicken cowboy hasn't been fun--this is just a break.

Plus, they're youtube friendly.

Speaking of youtube friendly, here's a random time lapse I did a year ago. Um ... enjoy?


JayyDeee said...

nice wallpaper. I keep thinking that hippo is supposed to be your dog. Consider buying a hippo?

stephen said...

I have considered it. but they eat so much. Have you seen jessica the hippo? All those people do is feed her, all day long.

JayyDeee said...

Agreed, as cool as JTH is, she would really annoy me. Imagine if anytime you sat down to relax or draw or something, a giant hippo just lumbered through your house looking for food. I would go insane.