Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi everyone. Here's some more shark suit news.

Shark Suit: the Musical won 1st in animation at the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Foundation's College TV Awards. It also won the Ruckus Pick award. Best of all, it was a good party. And I saw some really remarkable student films.

Here's my favorite pic of the night:

It all made me excited to finally finish Chicken Cowboy. I've been rendering away on most shots. I also got a grant a couple weeks ago, which means I can finally budget in some good sound. Spent a lot of time today in the foley room, breaking glass.

Fun stuff.


Andwew said...

YAY! You rule!

Paul Sultan said...

you rock!!

Tim Rauch said...


Leetal said...

First! aw.

JayyDeee said...

Hellllllllll yeaaaaahhhh. SPN FTW.

I love the post sausage-penis still

stephen said...

Thanks everyone. Especiall to paul and jd, cause you dudes worked on the thing. Keep your fingers crossed for next year.

jd, I'm glad I know what you're talking about.