Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break!!! Ahhh!! Weee!

Nah, I'm kidding. Everyone knows spring break is for rendering. But everyone also knows that rendering is for doodles.

I was suddenly and profoundly dumbfounded today by the idea that knights used to wear metal and kill each other with swords and maces. Just seems strange.


JayyDeee said...

The problem nowadays is that all of the knights put tank treads and giant guns on their metal armor. Sooner or later swords will be the new guns.

stephen said...

wars of the future will be fought with glitter guns, i can only pray. Most sparkly person loses.

Blake said...

That spring break picture is kind of gross, it just reminds me of pee and and a marijuana doobie. No reflection on the actual drawing, just on the break itself.

I do think all these doodles are really great though and my favorite moment is that light on your hair in the March 11 post.

Young Link/ Falco FTW