Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great news! Shark Suit: the Musical will be screening this Sunday at the ASIFA East festival!

I'm really looking forward to having my work screened in front of the community I've learned to love and become a part of these past 4 years since moving to New York. It's a huge honor. Plus, there will be free cookies (and other fancy refreshments). And last year nickelodeon gave out frisbees!

It's all FREE. This Sunday at 6pm at New School. Don't even come to see my film, come to see the other awesome films! Like Tim's.

Shark Suit also won Best Animation this past week at the Rincon International Film Festival in Puerto Rico. Believe me, I wish I could have made it to that one...

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J.D. Amato said...

congrats, that awesomeatum---