Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey everyone!

News today is Shark Suit news. "Shark Suit: the Musical" was picked as MTVu's Film of the Week! So if you haven't seen the whole thing, here's the place to do it:

MTVu best film on campus

There's also a cool critic's review you can read/watch:

critic's review here

check it out!

just shark suit

Also, Shark Suit is screening tonight at 9pm at Cantor Film Center on 8th Street. It picked up two awards this year in NYU's First Run Film Festival. One for Achievement in Animation and another award for original score. Props to my music people, Christopher Han and my sis Christin Neary.

the reward for reading through all that boring news is this cartoon! nice and upbeat!

"Well he sure as hell doesn't get it from ME!"


J.D. Amato said...

hahaha-- comic = amazing. Also, the review was awesome. I imagine it would be a weird feeling to have so many people writing about your film in such depth. You should release a directors commentary version on youtube. Also, word on the street is that tonights screening is going to be hopping.

scottfaris said...
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scottfaris said...

So glad this found its way to the internet - I can't make the first run screening. Captivating!

Leetal said...

Save that review, make a press section on your site, and put it up there.