Monday, May 26, 2008

"Hey you kids! Get away from those cows!"
freshly-minted chicken cowboy trailer now on youtube:

yeah! indy 500!


Vhrsti said...

Wonderful works here! Great blog! Love your works! (The more siple the more i love...)

Gale said...

Yay! Chicken Cowboy left a great impression on me at the showcase, so I'm really looking forward to hearing how it's received at festivals.

The "live like a chicken" line still makes me giggle.

Also, um, I've kind of been watching your blog. Greetings from the far reaches of the Internet!

Tim Rauch said...

love the fish, love the hot rod, love the movie. i live like 3 avenues away, come eat pasta sometime.

stephen said...

thanks dudes!

J.D. Amato said...

wonderful pictures good sir